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District Offices

PA District Map

Complaints against an attorney should be filed with the district office in the county where the attorney's practice is located. To find a district office, filter by district or by county. If you do not know this information, search for and view an attorney's registration information to find the district in which the attorney's office is located.

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District I Office

1601 Market Street

Suite 3320

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Phone: 215.560.6296

Fax: 215.560.4528

Disciplinary Counsel-in-Charge

Anthony P. Sodroski, Esquire

Disciplinary Counsel

Gloria Randall Ammons, Esquire

Bruce H. Bikin, Esquire

Harriet R. Brumberg, Esquire

Patricia A. Dugan, Esquire

Robert P. Fulton, Esquire

Michael D. Gottsch, Esquire

Richard Hernandez, Esquire


Theodore A. Bugda

Michael D. Litt

B. Jon Sherman

District II Office

820 Adams Avenue

Suite 170

Trooper, PA 19403

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Phone: 610.650.8210

Fax: 610.650.8213

Disciplinary Counsel-in-Charge

Raymond S. Wierciszewski, Esquire

Disciplinary Counsel

Krista K. Beatty, Esquire

Harold E. Ciampoli, Esquire

Alan J. Davis, Esquire

Amelia C. Kittredge, Esquire

Suzy S. Moore, Esquire

Dana M. Pirone, Esquire

Daniel S. White, Esquire


Daniel G. Richer

Stephen J. Schmitt

District III Office

601 Commonwealth Avenue

Suite 5800, P.O. Box 62675

Harrisburg, PA 17120

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Phone: 717.772.8572

Fax: 717.772.7463

Disciplinary Counsel-in-Charge

Ramona M. Mariani, Esquire

Disciplinary Counsel

Kristin A. Wells, Esquire


Lowell R. Kratzer

Suzanne M. Kreider

District IV Office

437 Grant Street

Frick Building, Ste. 1300

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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Phone: 412.565.3173

Fax: 412.565.7620

Disciplinary Counsel-in-Charge

Angelea Allen Mitas, Esquire

Disciplinary Counsel

Cory John Cirelli, Esquire

Susan N. Dobbins, Esquire

William R. Friedman, Esquire

David M. Lame, Esquire

Samuel F. Napoli, Esquire

Jana M. Palko, Esquire

Mark G. Weitzman, Esquire


Sheila A. Bluemling

Brian J. Kline

Out of State

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